MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall

Engagement on a whole new scale

All-in-one functionality.
In an ultra-light, ultra-thin design.

Available in sizes ranging from 110 to 220 inches, the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall dramatically elevates the impact of your presentations in every meeting room, lecture hall and other large venue. But this is far more than a display. Built-in interactive and mirroring technology – including multi-device screen sharing and synchronized writing – make the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall the total solution for a new level of engagement.

Beyond intelligent

Integrated Design

This audience-engagement powerhouse does it all with no need for any additional devices.

Built-in Android

Integrated Android functionality supports a wide range of smart features, such as multimedia visual aids.

3-in-1 Board

A single modular enclosure integrates power supply, receiving card, and hub board. No external devices are required.

28.5mm Depth

The remarkably thin design expands your placement options without requiring changes to room design.

An immersive experience

The MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall optimizes grayscale display performance even in low brightness, drawing audiences in with mesmerizing color, detail and dynamic range.

Plug-and-play simplicity

With single-touch on/off, there’s no need for a tech team to be standing by. MAXHUB redefines ease of operation.

Wireless, multi-device interaction fuels collaboration

Share the screen with up to four devices, including PCs, Macs, i(Pad)OS and Android devices. Annotate from multiple devices as well, with synchronized writing. MAXHUB enables collaboration in every presentation.

4-device wireless connection  •  Synchronized writing annotation

Full-front service. Easy maintenance. Zero downtime.

Hot-swapping repair

Replace modules without powering down.

One-stop service

Unified hardware & software technical support.

Streamlined maintenance

Front access to all replaceable parts without moving the unit.

Access all settings with the Smart Control

The intuitively designed Smart Control allows easy adjustment of settings.


Color temperature

Contrast ratio

Input signal

Aspect ratio

Hang, mount, stand: You decide.

The MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall combines light weight, at just 4.8kg per cabinet, with a thickness of just 28.5mm, enabling easy deployment and redeployment in a variety of environments.

Ceiling hanging


Mobile stand mounting

Mobile Stand-mounting

Wall mounting


The solution for every sector

Integrated LED Wall Tech Specs

Pixel Pitch(mm)
Brightness (nit)100-550100-550100-550100-550100-600100-600100-550100-550100-550100-550100-550
Resolution1920 x 10801280 X 7201920 X 1080 1600 X 9001920 X 10801920 X 10801920 X 10801280 X 7201920 X 10801600 X 9001920 X 1080
Power Consumption
(MAX/Ave) (W/display)
Viewing Angle (H/V)160˚/140˚160˚/140˚160˚/140˚160˚/140˚160˚/140˚160˚/140˚160˚/140˚160˚/140˚160˚/140˚160˚/140˚160˚/140˚
Overall Dimensions (mm)2453 x 1502 x 38.52453 X 1502 X 38.53063 X 1845 X 38.53063 X 1845 X 38.53673 X 2188 X 38.54893 X 2874 X 38.52678 X 1630 X 28.52678 X 1630 X 28.53344 X 2004 X 28.53344 X 2004 X 28.54010 X 2379 X 28.5
Overall Dimensions (Inches)96.57" x 59.13" x 1.52"96.57" x 59.13" x 1.52"120.59" x 72.64" x 1.52" 120.59" x 72.64" x 1.52"144.61" x 86.14" x 1.52"192.63" x 113.15" x 1.5"105.43” x 64.17” x 1.12”105.43” x 64.17” x 1.12”131.65” x 78.90” x 1.1”131.65” x 78.90” x 1.1”157.87” x 93.66” x 1.12”
Weight (kg)1151151751752454259595143143200
Weight (lb)253.53253.53385.8385.8540.13936.96209.441315.26315.26440.92